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Breath Therapy

Breath therapy can ease anxieties and reduce stress, is the use of respiratory exercises to open lung passages, oxygenate the blood and cleanse the body by eliminating gaseous toxins.  The client is encouraged to breathe deeply while the therapist works the appropriate muscles.

Breath therapy is popular as a natural healing method and a therapeutic tool for the body and mind. It is used by athletes to achieve high levels of performance; artists to achieve unrestricted levels of creativity, and by the spiritual to put themselves in touch with nature and God. Breath therapy is used to control anxiety, grief and loss, respiratory issues, birth issues, chronic pain, and emotional release.

Benefits of Breath Therapy?

  • Improves your physical well-being (better, more open breathing, stress release, dissolving psychosomatic disorders etc.)
  • Improves your emotional well-being (release of long held unprocessed emotions which require life energy for the repression process)
  • Improves your mental well-being (dissolving and replacing unsupportive thought patterns and beliefs)

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